What happened at your clients today?

Keep informed with HUD. We use A.I. to sort and filter millions of articles, personnel changes, quotes, & tweets every day. It’s like having an entire research department running 24/7

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How It Works

HUD.ai utilizes machine-learning & AI algorithms to get you relevant information when you need it.

Sales Personalization

When you register, we learn about you, your business, and whom you sell to in order to provide relevant information to you.

Comprehensive Search

We scan tens of thousands of news sources, social media and market sources every day. We utilize advanced AI to find the "needles" in a haystack for our clients.

Optimized Feed

Each article, social media post, financial report, etc is scored by its importance and relevancy to you, based on what you actually sell or do.

Custom Tracking

Stay up to date on every company & person in your sales team's pipeline.

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Personalized News Feed

Real time personalized news feed of the most import & relevant articles, social media posts, and market events.

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Powerful Search

Search through our database of articles, social media posts, market events and more instantly.

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An immediate visual summary of market activity that allows you to quickly focus in on what's important.

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Company Focused Feeds

Meeting with a potential customer? Drill down on a specific company to prepare.

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